Monday, March 5, 2012

Monsterpocalypse - GUARD

I finally got around to getting the Monsterpocalypse pictures I have been promising for far to long. I realize I am terrible at using these macro filters on the camera. Going to need a lot of work in that regard. I didn't bother with getting the unit pics, as units are rather average paint jobs at best, and they die so often, you'll get to see more then enough of them on the field. In addition to the monster I'll also upload the pics of the faction strongholds that comes in the DMZ set.

In the pics where you see four smaller based creatures/vehicles, those are called morphers. They are kinda like Voltron/Power Rangers in that they combine to create a larger monster to fight with.

Anyhow, first up are the GUARD monsters. A good number more monsters then the other forces since starter set for my daughter had it, as well as the expansion we bought:

I will post the Lords of Cthul and Terrasaurs pics throughout the week as I get done cleaning up the photos to upload properly.
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