Monday, October 13, 2014

70 Point Asterian Deadzone Strike team completed

Hello all,

Time certainly flies doesn't it? I have actually been pretty involved in gaming, just too busy to post
here. Anyhow, I managed to get my core strike team painted up for Deadzone. They came out decently well. You'll have to forgive the lower quality than normal photos. I took them with my phone since I could not find my actual camera after the move.

I went with the striking Iyanden style color scheme, since I have always thought that was a good one that also was easy to replicate as more miniatures get added to the the force. I am not a huge fan of the color scheme Mantic picked, but that is just personal taste really. The Black Talon got a reverse color scheme since I figured his role as scout and stealth just felt right being the darker blue. I also like how the guns came out in the end, as I was worried at first that they may get lost with the rest of the miniature without being a darker color.

The Cypher Prime turned out really well. I custom made the cloak hanging off his shoulder as well as painted the runes on it. The runes were actually my first real shot at free hand painting.

As many folks who have kept up on my blog knows, I am not a very good painter in general. I follow the three foot rule: Does it look good from 3ft away, if yes then you did just fine. and these macro photos always make mistakes far more glaringly obvious then they are in reality.

These miniatures definitely fit the bill there, and look good once they are on the tabletop. nice thing about the Asterians is that to go from 70 to 100 points is only going to add one, maybe two, more miniatures, so I'll be able to add more without burnout and keeping a constant scheme.

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