Saturday, December 17, 2011

First game of Super Dungeon Explore played

Tonight my wife and I played an 8-bit game of Super Dungeon Explore, she hadn't read anything on the rules prior, and I still didn't have all the rules down, so the 30 minute game lasted ~2hrs. Just about the same amount of time our first game of Warhammer/Warmachine/anyothergame has taken the first time through.

The wife picked the Dwarf and the dark caster, who is namely a debuffer. She later regretted that as she didn't realize she had no healer until we started. The Dwarf can really become a power house, able to maul most kobolds with ease.

Once we got things going I honestly thought I was going to lose. She was getting loot left and right, but then we hit the 16-bit limit on the board and Rex came out to play. That single minis changed the entire game. His 'Rex Smash' ability put the hurt onto the Dwarf in no time, and took out the poor fellow within a couple turns. The wizard that my wife brought along stayed up the longest, namely because she ran out of the way before checking line of sight and found herself useless for a couple turns. Eventually we reached the 'Super!' level of the game, and the dragon boss Starfire spawned. This was more or less the final point of the game and marked the heroes ultimate demise.

The game certainly is fun, and decently easy to get into. I can see my kids enjoying it somewhat well until they start losing and that famous 'sportsmanship' children have comes out. The game to me seemed like a toned down version of Decent:Journeys into the Darkness. The consul spawning mobs within limitations, heroes on Consul ultimately against each other, and both pushing to their max. I think there is definitely room for the game to grow, and honestly I would love to see some way for the characters to continue between games. Right now however the game certainly works as intended, and easy enough for just about anyone to get into (barring the price of course).

Of course I could have spent the night painting, but thus far I have gotten four of my Retribution Halberdiers painted, so taking a small break to not burn out. Unit might well be done by tomorrow night depending on how busy my day is. Then of course it's on to the next unit/solos.
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