Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wraithseer...

I haven't played Warhammer 40K in a decent amount of time. All my books are current, and of course I keep up on any happenings in the 40K universe. One thing I don't really keep up on though to much is Forgeworld releases since I don't tend to make purchases from them. I recently visited their site to see what they have added and I was absolutely blown away.

The Eldar Wraithseer is an excellent miniature. I want it just so I can build it, it is simply that awesome looking for me. Of course you can tell that I don't look for over the top details to make me like minis, but more of a particular stance or look that hits just the right nerve. Also helps that I almost exclusively played an Iyanden themed Eldar force when I did play from 3rd to 5th edition Warhammer 40K.

So onto the rules, first thing that made me sit back wide eyed was the fact the Wraithseer was an HQ choice, but didn't take up the mandatory HQ slot requirements. At this point it seemed as though we would have the much cheaper Avatar and the Wraithseer battling for the same spot. The Wraithspear is decent, and the Wraithshield gives the Wraithseer the same general protection as the Avatar, and of course being able to give him a D-cannon is a nice touch as well, but the real game changers is the fact that the Wraithseer can lead other wraith units on the battlefield AND cast spells to enhance his forces.

It seems as though the Wraithseer would be a decent support HQ choice, but the cost makes me wary. It is super expensive for a single HQ slot, and the Wraithlords are not the easiest units to make use of cover at the best of times which may well put a massive target on it's head. Doesn't stop me from trying to think of ways to add the the Wraithseer to a new Eldar list either way.
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