Friday, September 23, 2011

First family gaming night report

Well tonight was a first for many reasons. As I said in my previous blog, I was going to get the family involved in a new weekly ritual, in hopes to at least for us to spend time together and for my daughters to both learn some lessons.

Tonight was certainly an interesting learning experience for us. My oldest daughter picked the Dwarf character to use, my youngest picked the Wizard, my wife got the Warrior Priest, and I selected the Elven Ranger Knight. Because we didn't have the Barbarian in the group, the Dwarf got the lantern to lead us through. For the most part everyone's health was either maxed or within 1-2 points of max, so good rolls there.

I let my youngest daughter pick the objective room, which turned out to be the Fire Chasm. This is one room where even if everything else goes in your favor, the entire party could possibly be killed just trying to cross the bridge to the other side. Of course my oldest daughter got us the 'Destroy the Bridge' adventure, which required us not only cross the bridge, but also destroy it. Our starting room as a simple golden passageway, nothing out of the ordinary.

Things started off pretty well, as my youngest daughter managed to keep rolling 4 or 5 on the power dice each turn, and the cards were literally passage > passage > passage > passage > dungeon room > passage. The first dungeon rooms event was the dieing Dwarf event, so Warrior Priest decided to hold onto that card (which we later turned to regret), following that event was the scorpion event which dealt 6 damage to the wizard. The silent march moved forward into the darkness.

It wasn't until the stairs where things began to go very badly very quickly. With an unexpected event we got surrounded by 8 skaven. The dwarf and the ranger whiffing with each of their attacks to the shock and horror of the group. The Warrior priest and the wizard also missed there attacks, but none of us at the table expected them to be awesome fighters. The skaven missed pretty much everyone but the warrior priest, and quickly brought her down to two health. Thankfully we managed to survive, just in time for another unexpected event card to happen which spawned some orcs that attacked us. Everyones health was low, and neither the wizard or the priest was able to heal so everyone was getting low. A solid arrow shot the warrior priest through the chest killing her, and leaving us extremely handicapped, plus losing the portcullis key was going to turn around and bite us too.

Finally we manage to get a good power die roll and the wizard casts Life Force on the Elven Ranger Knight. The Ranger managed to deal 14 wounds, which turned to heal us. The wizard taking 8 of those, and then splitting the remaining equally out between the Dwarf and Elf. Eventually we killed the orcs with just the three of us, we gave our praise to our fallen warrior priest and moved on.

More corridors was ahead of us, but now we were on our guard for what the event deck could throw at us. They didn't let us down either, as the next room we entered popped out a fresh minotaur with eyes on the wizard. With the minotaur came two goblin spearmen and six goblin archers. The wizard used her hand of death scroll to deal 14 wounds to the minotaur, just barely failing to kill it outright to the groans of my daughter and myself. The minotaurs first counterattack was vicious as it killed the wizard in a single blow, the second blow missing the Dwarf which was standing next to her. The Dwarf struck down the minotaur with a strong blow of his axe, killing the creature. Now it being just the Dwarf and the Ranger, the two heroes fought on with righteous fury as they now fought for their lives and killed the last of the goblins.

The Dwarf opened the door and we moved forward to explore the next room and found the circle of power waiting us menacingly. As we stepped in, both the Ranger and the Dwarf prepared for the worst, and the worst is exactly what we got. The first event was the portcullis event, which in itself wasn't horrible as we hadn't seen a T-junction to this point, so shouldn't have a need to go back. The game proved that assumption wrong real fast and the second event card turned out to be the avalanche card. Now both warriors were stuck with no way forward and no way back.

We died not fighting as warriors should, but in the darkness with no food or water.

At this point we packed up the game, but it certainly was fun. I am hoping that with more games I can get my kids more into it and learn not to throw the dice across the table when they roll. My oldest daughter still doesn't understand why it's bad to be standing dead center of the dungeon and objective rooms when mobs spawn around her, she simply sees more potential for death blow gold.
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