Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aquan Prime Dreadnaught finally shown

Spartan Games finally released their designs for the Aquan Prime Dreadnaught called the Medusa. You can find the official post here.
So lets get down to the nitty gritty of the mini as shown.

Right now it is incredibly detailed, 15 piece mini. Looks to be an amazing center piece to an Aquan Prime fleet on the table just like all the other dreadnaughts have appeared to be. It looks very organic, and almost seems as if something that would 'swim' through space. Have to admit, I almost wanted to buy it simply to have it, but I'll stick with my Relthoza Dreadnaught, the Apex.

My biggest problem with it is that it doesn't really fit with the other minis of the Aquan Prime minis without a longer stretch then compared to other dreadnaughts which could easily be associated with the race they belonged to.

The idea is obviously there. You can see that the Aquan Prime minis are supposed to look like a school of fish swimming, kinda... The thing that starts making things a bit shaky is the sheer amount of detail that is on the dreadnaught and to positioning.

I am hoping that this might hint that the Aquan's might be getting some rescuplts soon, as their minis are rather lacking in my eyes compared to almost every other Firestorm fleet currently available. To me the dreadnaught looks amazing, but seems as though it'll stand too far apart from the rest of the fleet to really fit in.

Now granted, this is all assumptions because we haven't see the Medusa next to the Aquan battleship, nor the actual sculpt. It could very well end up looking like it fits in more then I am giving credit once everything is said and done. That's the way it is when working with miniatures.

My biggest problem I am running into now is what I am going to be using for my Tau themed army as a dreadnaught. A part of me wants to kitbash a Tau Hammerhead tank, or use the Orbital city from Forgeworld. That's in the future far out though, so only time will tell what I'll do when I get there. Obviously getting the Tau tank bits are going to be easier then getting the Forgeworld bits.
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