Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cleaning House

While the idea of the Gundam FSA force is still fresh in my mind, I took a look around my living room and noticed something. I have a ton of terrain and miniatures that I simply won't play with again. I cant really validate bringing yet another force into this house, while I still have 40K terrain, WarmaHordes forces, and battle boards I haven't touch in 1+ years. So I did the only truly logical thing, started putting it all on Craigslist and see what I can get rid of.
The easiest thing, and generally safe rule overall, was the GW terrain I had that simply doesn't fit with any of my games. The GW Imperial Sector I bought a while back, and while it was nice(ish), once I moved on to other games and scale, those pieces of terrain became nothing more than paper weights for me.

Also have a very old Ruined Hab Unit terrain piece that was released alongside Inquisitor many, many years ago. That piece has just been sitting in my garage unused since I moved into my house. Always kept it thinking I would use it next game, but next game would always come and go without me going and getting it.

The GW items are bound to sell quickly, since GW has the most common systems around this area. The next few items though are more questionable.

I have a 6'x4' battleboard (called the Assault Board) I bought from war-zone shortly after moving into my house. It served us well, until my daughter found out that it was made of foam and started popping her fingers through the underside of it. We put it away in the garage to keep her safely away from it, and we haven't gotten it out since. With a mix of the Realm of Battle Boards from GW, my wife sewing together a starscape for FSA, and the Zuzzymat we just had no reason to use the Assault Board any longer.

The big seller though, and the one that is currently taking up more room in my house than anything else is the massive Warmachine and Hordes forces we have. We have far to many points worth of Protectorate, Cryx, Retribution, and 15 points of Skorne, plus all the books for the two systems. Really no reason for me to sit on those miniatures/rules, since my wife has made it pretty clear she didn't like the WarmaHordes playstyle. I am hoping these go quickly, but we'll see since the holidays are quickly looming.

Sadly that is only part of my collection I need to unload at some point. My goal is to have one sci-fi game (Heavy Gear Blitz), one fantasy (Kings of War), and one misc game style (Firestorm Armada) by the start of the new year.

I don't know what it is about wargaming. In general, I don't like having a lot of unused things around the house, but for miniatures and their rules I have always made exceptions, and I find that I am not the only one. Most gamers, for one reason or another, seem to collect far more than they actually commonly use. Even if they never leave one system or if they spread their 'love' across multiple systems. Wargaming brings out the hoarders in all of us.
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