Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy weekend ahead of me

It's been a bit of a busy time again around my house. Last weekend made a trip to the coast with my family and my Wife's parents. Overall was decent, but it got flipping freezing at night.

This week I took the dive and purchased FFXIV, it only cost me $2.75 to get the collectors edition from my local Gamestop, so even if I play it for 2-3 months (Which I do hope I get more then that), it was well worth the price. I haven't actually gotten to far into it, only a couple levels on my lowbie Lancer character. Will do a review later on once I figure out if I want to remake my character or not. Wife has actually been playing it more then me, so she actually asks me questions I don't know how to answer since I haven't gotten to that point yet. I can say I don't like that fact that SE STILL hasn't put in a windowed-fullscreen mode into FFXIV. What's even more annoying is that they actually went and put a C&C order against the people making the FFXIV windower program. You would think they would have patched that in when people complained about it in beta, including myself, but apparently that is another thing SE decided to ignore. I am currently playing in a windowed mode with lower resolution simply so I can alt-tab out of the game and check e-mail, use Raptr, whatever, and it is just as annoying to me as it was with FFXI.

In terms of tabletop, tomorrow I should be getting the counters I ordered for Firestorm Armada in the mail, so I plan to play at least one game, plus do a review of the tokens. I am still torn if I want to give GW anymore money and build myself an Eldar or Tau force (Tau obviously for Warpath using my rules). Right now I have so many minis roaming around, I am fighting the urge of getting anymore. I want to find out if I really enjoy Firestorm Armada or not. If both my wife and I can get into that game well enough, I should be set with games between FSA, WarmaHordes, and Kings of War. I can't stress enough  though how badly the Firestorm Armada rulebook is laid out. The game is excellent, and I got a grasp on the rules easily enough, but very few of the rules are on the pages the rules themselves direct you too. Rather unprofessional looking, and makes the game go much longer then it should.

Of course the gaming of both types is completely dependent on me finishing the house work I need to get done. I have a water regulator I need to swap out this weekend after I buy a set of channel locks. I need to take out the airduct filters and clean them out, since they are getting clogged again (been a couple months). I also need to clean up the back yard of my pig's refuse, as well as mow the grass and spray more weed&seed.

As you might imagine, I have another busy weekend ahead of me, so will post another updated eventually.
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