Sunday, September 16, 2012

Redbull Built (more or less)

Well I got down to business finally and got my PRDF Redbull built up. Everything went together pretty well, but the feet aren't as level as when I started off. I think that has something to do with the braces for when the Redbull is walking around. The cannons are currently built, but not attached, as I want to go ahead and magnetize this one so that the turret can actually swivel in place.

Because of the feet issue I am thinking about mounting the Redbull on either a Warmachine Colossal base, or a Warhammer Chariot base. Either way the base needs some texture in order to give the Redbull some sturdier footing. May also mount my Coyote on a base that way everything keeps the same look across the board.

So once I finish those few tasks this week it'll be time to move onto my Patrol Squad and get them ready for combat. Just figured I should get an update out there to let folks know I am still alive.
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