Thursday, November 29, 2012

Firestorm Armada - Argus Carrier Review

The first of my Gundam FSA fleet arrived today, and it was the Argus Carrier, the FSA miniature that more or less struck the chord that made me want to build the fleet in the first place. Since it has been a while since I had done a miniature review, figured I would go ahead and take this chance while building the Argus. You will have to forgive the less than stellar camera shots. My camera is apparently on the downward curve towards death and the shots are not at all as consistent as they once were.

Firestorm Armada miniatures have never been hard to assemble out of the box. The Argus Carrier is no exception to this rule. Majority of the miniature itself was one solid piece of resin, with only three pewter bits that needed to be added on. Also included in the package was the stat card for the carrier and the three pronged flight stand. The miniature isn't overly large, but certainly impressive non-the-less.

Looking through the parts, it was apparent that there was some bubbling that was going to be visible along a few edges near the rear thrusters of the ship, and a bit of flak to remove from the casting process, but overall there was very little actual prep needed. You can see one of the bubbles in the below picture near the area the rear thrusters, but it is surprisingly one of the larger ones, thus not all the hampering to the over all model. The flak itself was extremely easy to clean off with a blade, took only a couple minutes to get the ship ready to put together.

The miniature went together easily since it was such a simple miniature to start with. The cold air of the season wasn't doing me any favors in regards to the glue drying any quicker, but eventually everything fell into place. The only part that required a bit more elbow grease than originally expected was the acrylic flight stands. They were just slightly to large for the points they were supposed to connect to on the bottom of the carrier.

As you might expect, there really isn't much 'flavor' to be had for a spaceship. The Argus is more or less what it is, but like the other FSA ships, the Argus is a good looking model overall. A bit of bubbling, which isn't uncommon for resin, and the need to sand the flight stands was the only real issues I came across in this particular build.
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