Monday, March 18, 2013

Move still on going

And this is my painting load...
You may notice something about me while reading through my blogs. I have a horrible case of Gamer's ADD when it comes to staying with a game for any length of time, usually I find myself trying, or returning to, a new game after a time of silence while life gets busy. My mind gets wondering to other systems, and you see my hop between other games during the downtime. Only a few games I never actually push forward with, Warhammer 40K and WFB have never actually panned out for me in the last few years as quick examples. Just because I leave a system however does not mean I don't enjoy it however, as you can guess Heavy Gear Blitz is still one of my favorite games and will remain so for a long time going forward, but every now I then I enjoy a different ruleset, genre, or scale. It also leads me to be completely overloaded in terms of projects.

During this time of my wife and I packing our house in order to get it onto the market and also try to get a new house for ourselves, gaming is not something we find we have time for much anymore outside PC gaming. Of course that leads me to looking into numerous other systems, I have looked into a few systems lately, especially Hell Dorado since it has a Kickstarter live right now. Funny thing about me looking into Hell Dorado is that it made me want to start playing Anima Tactics again and get the Wissencraft force up and running that I had planned back when I first was playing the game. Of course this means I went out and bought the minis for Wissencraft and Samuel for my wife.

This just keeps adding minis to my plate that I still haven't been able to touch. I really need to lock down my spending since I still have the Gundam fleet for Firestorm Armada, my Kings of War Elven Force,, Heavy Gear PRDF, Sedition Wars, and now Anima Tactics. Like a never ending flow of minis. Not even going to touch on the fact I was almost tempted to do a Kings of War force in 10mm scale, which would have added even more minis to the mix.

I am a terrible person.
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