Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warpath - Unofficial Tau Army list

I spent a decent chunk of yesterday working on a Tau armylist. I have never actually done anything of that nature before, so really wasn't sure where I was going at first. Things appeared easy, with me simply adding in everything from the Tau Codex, but I eventually ran into the issue of redundant units.

I decided I wanted to shift my focus for the army, and instead of trying to completely balance the Tau's inherent weaknesses with alien species, I was going to just make the Tau more focused on their strength. As such I dropped the Kroot and the Vespid from the list. This made the lists primary focus that of a shooty list that would crumble in the melee.

Moving forwards with the list creation, the Pathfinder and Firewarrior units were easy enough to create stats and whatnot for. I didn't start running into more problems until I got to the various combat suits of the tau. Again I had to focus on the overall appearance of the Tau force, while trying to keep the rules streamlined with little redundancy. I had the Stealth Suits which originally had Jump Troops, Stabilized, Fast rules with Burst Cannons and the Everyday Crisis suits which only had Jump Troops and Stabilized with a gun and the ability to pick one more special weapon each. The Stealth suits just seemed like a better option in most circumstances, 24" range guns on a units that can jump over terrain and never count as moving. They were just to good, and I knew it. As much as I hated it I had to drop the stealth suits, and leave the much calmer Crisis suits there.

The Broadside combat suit was also hard to place, as I wanted to make it count as ordnance with its heavy fire power, but I also wanted it to remain mobile, which Ordnance simply can't do. So I had some balancing to do to get it working. The unit now counts as having Rail Rifles and Missile pods with the Lumbering and Stabilized attribute. This way it would be slow moving around the field, but at least could move and shoot.

This left me with the need for some form of ordnance though, which I decided on using the Rail Rifle equipped drones and their controller. The controller would make for a good reason why they wouldn't have to move, and the three rail rifles would allow him to be able to draw LoS to a decent chunk of any tabletop. In theory anyhow.

Hardest thing about making the list I found was trying to not go overboard, and trying to keep the heart of the Warpath rules in mind. As such I often found myself limiting equipment options a lot more then I had originally thought I would need too. Unfortunately, I also have not been able to play test these rules fully to see where they stand and what would need to be modified.

This is where I need others to come in and take a look at the work, get another person's eyes on the list to see if I missed anything, or went to cautious. You can find my army list here to download and use.

Here is a quick summary of units for quick reference in regards to which unit is which.

  • Aun Tor - Firewarriors
  • Aun Kel - Pathfinders
  • Aun Kor Ta - Crisis suits
  • Aun Kor Ra - Broadside suits
  • Aun Tor Se - Tau Drone Sniper unit
  • Antmimic - Piranha
  • Funnelweb - Devilfish APC
  • Orbweaver - Hammerhead
  • Tarantula - Barracuda (Forgeworld aircraft)
  • Aun Kor - Battlesuit Commander
  • Sil va - Ethereal

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