Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - PRDF Infantry painted

Got another set of minis completed this week. Once again, the camera is making it more of a fight then it needs to be, but I got some pics (however blurry they happen to be).

These minis proved to be a bit more of a hassle then I had originally went in expecting because of the base of all things. I had to be very careful not to get my texture paint mixture or glue on the mini, so in the end I kept finding some spots which didn't get flocking or textured. Thankfully the minis are so small, those mistakes are hard to notice. In these close ups however, the smallest of mistakes do tend to just scream out at you.

Each section of PRDF Infantry comes as two sets of three infantry bases. Because I run two Infantry sections with my PRDF, I decided to have a color theme to the teams by marking the front of each base with the color of the team that group of infantry belong too. In the end I ended up with red, white, blue, and green teams. I was tempted to do the color scheme all around the base, but decided against it as I felt it might ruin the flow of the force. The marking in the end is only in the front facing of the base to match the gears which have the large white front facing on their bases.

I tried to keep the painting pretty basic overall since these minis are only ~12mm tall. The shoulders and helms all came out as great focus objects with this method then as they naturally drew your eyes from the darker bodies. I also kept the same color scheme as found on my other PRDF minis, so the Infantry blend in seamlessly with the other parts of the force. the gold visors just came out exactly as I wanted and really gave the infantry a sci-fi feeling.

Overall I am extremely happy with how the infantry came out, and even if they did end up being more then I had expected, they still turned out better then I could have hoped for since I was more or less winging everything as I first got started painting them.

I didn't take a full force shot, instead focusing on a scale shot between the minis I have done so far. In the below picture you can see how the infantry sections scale in terms of the Chieftain IV, Cataphract, and Coyote. You can also see the team color marking on their front facing decently well. This just furthers my belief that you need infantry to really keep scale of giant robots where it belongs. Without the infantry, it is easy to forget that these are 15+ feet tall robots fighting on the tabletop.

So, the only minis I have left to paint (right away anyhow) are two Warrior gears and two Crusader IV gears. Slowly getting closer to having a fully painted force for the first time in many years. of course I will update this blog as soon as I get those minis done.
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