Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quiet Times On the Battlefield

Sorry all that the blog has been fairly quiet as of late. With me coming down sick, wife and I planning for a trip in the next few weeks, work bonuses not coming in when I expected them.... Well it has just been ten different ways of crazy around here. Here is a quick update of things going on in the gaming world around here.

My wife got four of her Utopians painted more or less, just have to finish the base them. I'll see if she is going to post photos or if she wants to have me post the here. Right now she is trying to decide if she wants to try and dip her figures or not. Who knows till she gets done I imagine.

I was going to get a few more boxes for my PRDF, but the lack of a planned bonus kinda killed that idea. I want to get a Scout Squad and Redbull at least. Might also get some Pitbulls, but I haven't really locked down that choice yet. Part of me still wants to make a Norlight force, but not until I am happy with my PRDF collection.

Still have not received my, or heard an update, about my order from GameCraft Miniatures. I am going to see if I can get in touch with them this week since it has been almost a month now. I am usually pretty forgiving, so as long as I hear anything from them, things should be good. I can't wait to actually receive the buildings, as I am curious how the board will look with those buildings taking up more space and giving lots more cover potential.

Found an Epicast (I think that is who made it) radar platform I bought for 40K YEARS ago before my wife and I were even married. It looks amazingly well scaled to the Heavy Gear infantry. I am tempted to knock out a quick paint job on it, since it would make an amazing objective to capture. It is large enough even my Cataphract can use it for some cover, but small enough it doesn't seem completely unreasonable on the table.

Dovetailing off the last two updates, I am trying to decide if I want to purchase the urban styled Zuzzy mat since I am building a very obvious urban theme board. By all accounts, I still haven't painted up the GW battle board, so it might be possible to make that some form of urban with some work. I haven't taken a serious look into it yet. I know the five and a half ton of various skulls will need to be filled in or remove, but beyond that not sure.

I think that more or less covers things on my end. I am sure once everything starts getting a bit quieter around here, I'll have more frequent updates. You can count on some pics being posted once the radar dish is painted and if/when the GameCraft ruins get here.
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