Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vacation Over, Time to Refocus

Well, my wife and my vacation we took to celebrate our 10 years together is over now, and after a load of money being spent, I can finally get back to upkeep on this blog.

First bit of news. Right before we left on vacation the package from Mantic Games arrived with my Dwarf Kings Hold boxes in it that I won from the Frontline Gamer blog contest. All the rulebooks and boxes were signed, and some with even 'special' comments like "who wants some" and whatnot on them. Wife and I got to play the game a few times while we were on vacation and found it to be freakishly easy, and yet still keeping some tactical depth. Was certainly an interesting game that I can't wait to see how it grows.

Also before we left on vacation the ruins I ordered from GameCraft Miniatures arrived, those still need to be put together. My wife and I figure we'll make little bases with balsa wood as 'city blocks' that should give the ruins a bit more support. Probably start putting those together sometime soon. If we have the wood left over, we might also mount the papercraft buildings that we printed out from the DP9 website to make full on modular city blocks. The Heavy Gear game board is coming along amazingly well.

I got my order in for the Red Bull and Patrol Squad for my PRDF, those should be shipped soon. That will give me a few more minis to paint up, as well as finish off my PRDF collection. I'm not horribly interested in Pitbulls for looks or gaming, so not bothering with them at the moment. Once I get the new figures all painted up, it'll be time to look at if I still want more or if I am happy with what I have.

On the flip side of all that news, I found out that another local shop closed down around here, leaving only one more standing. I more or less gave up on going to stores after Knightfall Games went under, but it still saddens me to see the hobby so handicapped that other stores are quickly folding as well. not good for the hobby or the store owners and their families.

That more or less covers what has happened for gaming around here since my last post. I should be able to get more updates going now that our schedule is getting back to normal.
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