Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday updates

It has been a few days since I last posted so figured I would throw out a quick update on where I stood with my gaming lately.

My wife and I played a 35 point Cryx vs Retribution battle a few nights ago, and although fun, my wife is still having trouble wrapping her mind around the various tactics and combos of her group. I know when I built her force I could see those easily, but that is why I like the force building and the playing part of the game more then the painting part. She'll get better as we play more often and she starts to understand what she needs to do to kill me. It will simply take time for her to start learning what each unit does for her.

I am almost done with my Halberdier unit. I just have to finish my UA up and things should be good for the first group shot. I'll probably start knocking out solos next since I am working with clones one way or another from that point on. I got slowed down painting due to some back pain that downed me for a few days (in addition to the holidays), thus the delay in getting the minis done. Going out of town this weekend, so unfortunately will not be able to completely any minis unless I can find a good way to transport things.

I mentioned the game my wife and I played earlier, that also heralded something else. That was the first time we got to use our Zuzzy mat with mini and terrain. It actually handled it really well, and with the textures on the Zuzzy mat so subtle, we didn't have any problems keeping minis where they belonged. Best thing was the fact that when we were done, we simply rolled it up and put in to the side. So far I don't see much point in playing on the Realm of battle Board anymore, and actually almost tempted to sell it once I get a 6x4 Zuzzy mat. That is down the road though.

That is all that has really happened in my wargaming lately. With the weird backpains and the holidays, things have been, and will stay rather busy for a few days longer.
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