Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - custom Litko tokens

I said it in my last blog post and wanted to get it out on the table (no pun intended), so figured now is as good a time as any to post this update. Post taxes I decided to get some custom tokens for Heavy Gear Blitz using the token sheet supplied at the DP9 website. Granted I have some of those tokens printed out on paper, but there is just something about having tokens with weight and thickness to them that just feels right.

Anyhow, it was rather expensive as usually with Litko products, ~$75 for two sets of the tokens. I actually had to order a few different custom packs to get one full set of the tokens, the Custom20 pack, 10xBasic Shapes pack,  and the 10xCombat Shapes pack. They came with the same high quality I would expect from Litko, and even better is that Litko actually managed to get them done before the normal 21 day window they state on their website and I have had to deal with in the past for the Firestorm Armada tokens I ordered.

Everything came out looking decent and clean as you can see from the photos. My wife was even impressed at the choice I made for the no ammo token and said it was fitting. I would never suggest someone go out and get a custom set done from Litko unless you have the money to burn. If you do have that spare money though, they make some excellent tokens to use.
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