Friday, March 30, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - PRDF painting log update

So far I have shown you the Coyote, Cataphract, and my Strike Squad all painted except for some small fixes and mostly the bases needing done. Today I did good and finished up all those minis and all the is left is needing to get some varnish on them for protection.

The Strike Squad in the front ranks is a bit fuzzy, but unfortunately I am simply not that camera savvy to know how to get everything in focus well. You get the general idea though between this picture and the pictures I put online yesterday. The bases are done and really make the whole force have a lot more 'pop' to it. Only the front arc is painted in the red and white, the rear arc is completely black.

Over all, this is probably the most painted force I have had in years. That statement alone is kinda sad but very true. in the end though this project is bringing me far more in terms of entertainment then painting Warmachine or Warhammer style minis. I think it is the fact I am dealing with machines, something I have a passion for anyways.
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