Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - 800TV Battle Report

Wife and I took our minis to Knightfall Games and played another battle of HGB using their terrain today. Was feeling rather lazy so didn't bother setting up objectives to use for this battle, opting instead to go for all out brawl. Unfortunately, like many of my previous battle reports, I didn't remember to take pics. I really do need to figure out a good way to do that since it would make the reports look better.

Anyhow onto the report...

Wife and I set up with pretty minimal terrain. A few placements of trees and a building was all that really gave any cover for the battlefield, with a single large rock along one flank. I packed most of my figures behind various trees, but there was only so much before some were left exposed. Wife lined up her Operational Assistance Team along her flank with the Dark Naga set between her Owl C3 and Vulture.

Wife won the first go and had her Dark Naga come forward and lay down some fire onto one of my Warrior IV gears that should could see with no cover. Those rolls didn't manage to impact any real damage though and moved to my Strike Squad taking it's turn. 

The Force Commander, and squad leader, moved forward and FO'd the Dark Naga trying for do what I can to kill the large target in the open. Thanks to the Naga and commanders line up, the Naga offered no cover to my followup shots. The rest of the Strike Squad let loose with their rocket pods, slamming the Dark Naga repeatedly but simply not getting the MOS needed to cause any damage on the large vehicle. 

My Wife's operational Assistance team moved forward and starting pegging numerous gears in my force, not dealing any sever damage however, and moved to my Fire Support Squads activation.

My Fire Support Squad spread itself out and used Coordinated Fire as well as a couple getting a Crossfire bonus to really pound the Dark Naga and brought the machine down to heavy damage.

My commander managed to allow me to win the initiative and take the first turn.

My Strike Squad immediately re-established FO on the Dark Naga and laid into with rockets, but like the last time simply could not finish the beast.

My wife moved the Dark Naga forward again, taking advantage of the solid rock terrain between my commander and herself. moved shots rained down and hurt one of the Strike Squad members, taking it to heavy damage.

My Fire Support Squad member equipped with the Rapid Fire Bazooka fired at the Dark Naga with full RoF, rolling a great MOS of 3. This was enough to boost me over the damage needed to mark two boxes on the Dark Naga, leaving the walker destroyed by the attack. Other attacks against the Operational Support Team either could not hit or failed to damage.

The Operational Support Team walked forward while unloading their weapons in devastating accuracy and bringing vengeance for their fallen ally. One Crusader IV got hit with an Anti-gear missile hard enough to kill him outright (Yeah, my dice rolls sucked that bad), the other Crusader IV got it's sturdy  boxes taken out in another attack, a Warrior that was damaged earlier in the match got killed. My wife was pretty happy with herself at this turn of events.

Third turn and I again won the Initiative and got first actions.

My Strike Squad unloaded what they could into the Vulture walking up the field with the Anti-gear missiles, but simply could not hurt him due to range and cover.

My Wife's Operational Assistance team again wrecked havoc on my force as the second Crusader IV was destroyed by a Heavy Bazzoka shot to the chest, along with two Warrior IVs who were shot with various other weapons from the rest of the BT team. 

My Fire Support team tried bravely to make it rain fire, but again I simply could not get through the BT armor well enough to cause any serious damage. At this point I was getting a pit in my stomach as my force was nearly down 50% head count.

Forth turn and now my wife took lead from me and got to go first.

My Force commander got hit hard right away by my Wife Vulture, MoS of 4 with a x20 weapon is simply very bad... Very, very bad. Another Warrior from the Fire Support Squad on the flank of the battle took a rifle shot from the Owl C3 and got brought down to Light damage. By the end of my wife's turn I only had 1 Warrior IVs and 2 Warriors and the Chieftain IV from the Fire Support Squad still left on the table.

I tried repeatedly with both remaining team members to take at least one of the BT members down, only managing to get the Vulture with the anti gear missile down to light damage before the game ended.

In the end the results were pretty bad for me in terms of casualties.
Dark Naga
Chieftain IV - Force commander
Warrior IV x2
Crusader IV x2
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