Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - First 1kTV match

First off let me say, I have absolutely no clue how to use Vassal. I have been trying to get the Heavy Gear Blitz mod to work, but apparently a good number of forces are missing from the mod that I got my hands on, and top it all off, apparently the walls are both bad files and can' be used. I did get some pics of the game last night, unfortunately only one came out semi-clear, and that was the board and terrain but no miniatures present.

The area closest to me was my deployment zone and of course my wife's deployment zone was straight across. I wish the other pictures came out clear, but will need to deal with that issue later.

Anyhow, wife and I played our first 1KTV game last night of Heavy Gear Blitz using the new TV values found in Gear Up 5. It was another straight up brawl as listed in the manual, so no objectives or anything added (Which of course turned out very bad for me).

My wife's squad hadn't really changed much from 800 to 1000 TV. She got a section of infantry to fill in some points, and of course her other units became even MORE potent at what they do.

Black Talons (PL3):
Operational Assistance Team
Dark Naga
Infantry Section w/ Anti-gear rifles

I had a lot more minis added to my force this time around, given me a couple more units then my wife had access to.

Infantry Section w/ Anti-gear rifles
Infantry Section w/ Anti-gear rifles
Strike Squad
Fire Support Squad w/ Cataphract Lord

This game I tried a variety of of tactics to see what is best to try and get to my wife. The first turn I tried to remain behind the cover of my deployment zone, but I simply could not hurt the Black Talons. The wife on the other hand had a fairly 'target rich environment' since I couldn't hide everyone, and started pegging my Infantry as soon as she could. Did find out that apparently HBZKs are sniper weapons, which of course made my wife's tasks of sitting in her deployment zone behind Concealment and Stealth an even better idea.

The second turn I started moving my force forward since staying in place wasn't an option. This time I was simply finding that my dice rolls were not on my side, going out of ammo on my MRP and RFB for my Chieftain IV and Warrior IV respectively and missing with the Coyote. That isn't even including the Active Locks I could not manage to get that turn (Honestly, I could not get a single comm event the entire battle, that is how bad my dice rolls were).

The third turn I kept pushing forward, entering into what I dubbed 'no man's land', and I suffered greatly for it. My Coyote got hammered with the HBZK for 80 damage which out right destroyed my tank-strider. My Cataphract Lord got an AGM that did 90 points of damage, which brought him down to Critical in a single turn. A Crusader IV was destroyed in a single hit. Even one of my Infantry sections got taken out in an AE blast. In general, just a very bad turn(game) for me.

At this point my wife said we could just call it since I still had not done a single point of damage to her forces, and mine were being taken out with ease, and it was the midpoint of the game.

I am not going to cry about Black Talons being overpowered or my force being underpowered; I simply have not yet managed to figure out the best tactics to use. My wife was playing her force well enough and got rewarded for it, I on the other hand, was suffering from VERY bad dice rolls and inability to close the distance. I have no doubts about beating my wife in an objective based scenario, as I seem to have better luck in the no killy missions, but I am still trying to find the key to winning in an all out firefight.

I need to go back to the drawing board and modify my force a bit more, see what i can do to move around some points and get more combat ready.
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