Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - Another 800 TV Report

Another Thursday, and I have another small battle report from my wife and my game of Heavy Gear Blitz at Knightfall Games. Unfortunately I as completely off my game and forgot to load up my wife's infantry for us to play a 1000TV game, and on top of that forgot the movement and damage tokens. We decided to settle on another 800 TV game. This time my wife stomped my face, and that is putting it lightly.

As usual we had my kids at the store with us, so didn't really want to spend to much time with objectives. With that decided we went for a straight up brawl from the rulebook (5 turns, most kills win). The terrain, I thought, was in my favor with two solid pieces of cover on my side, a forest on the middle, and a few bits of terrain on my wife's side. I was very, very wrong.

My wife won initiative for the first turn and moved her Dark Naga forward right behind some forest and unloaded her rocket payloads into my Fire Support Squad who had taken up cover in one of the solid buildings. Thanks to the cover however no damage was done. I activated my Fire Support Squad to try and gain a lock on the Naga, but between the concealment and her Stealth I simply couldn't get a lock on. She activated her Operational Assistance Team and brought the Strike Team member with the RFB down to critical. My Strike Team surged forward, trying to close ground and get some combat locks for my Fire Support Team, but this left the Strike Team far to exposed in the center of the board.

Second turn and my wife once again got the Initiative and proceeded to lay waste to my Strike Team with her Dark Naga, killing two members. My Fire Support Squad still could not target any Black Talons due to concealment and Stealth. The Operational Assistance Team again focused their fire on the remaining Strike Squad members, killing two more with focused fire. With only one Strike Team member still alive I put him up to full combat speed and ran him towards the forest in order to get more cover.

Third turn and I finally managed to get the initiative for first go. My Fire Support Squad shot at my wife's Raptor Commando who had gotten brave, but nothing managed to connect. The Raptor then used its HBZK to blow a hole through the last Strike Team member. With this being my fifth dead soldier, and only two turn to not only have none of my force die but also kill off all the Black Talons I gave my wife the win and called the game.

I am still trying to come to grips with my force and how to best deal with my Wife's Stealth. Having only a couple minis capable (one being my force commander) of getting FOs semi-regularly, it is frustrating. I found my Fire Support Squad to be completely useless that fight due to the terrain layout helping my wife far more then I first imagined. My Strike Squad was my one real sot at evening the playing field if they could have gotten to within detection range, but were shot piecemeal as soon as their peaked their shiny metal heads out of their cover.

For my 1kTV list I have shifted my force a bit, made my Strike Squad much more capable in combat and EW and added a forth Crusader IV gear to the Fire Support Squad. Of course this all came at a cost, and I have to remove the Infantry from my list. Will have to see how this pans out on the field of battle. My wife has also noticed my growing frustration with facing her Black Talons and asked if she could get the Utopia started kit. Don't know when that will come in, or if my wife will even like the force, but a change can't hurt. I already told her my next force is going to be a Northern force since they have the battle staffs and Wildcat gears I love so much.
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