Saturday, August 6, 2011

A little update

Since it has been a while since I posted something, I figured I should get some news out there for people.

First things first, built myself a new PC and of course in3 days the new power supply went out. I am going to have to go ahead and RMA that, but in the mean time i am using the weaker, but still functional power supply from my older PC.

Second, I haven't gotten a chance to play any tabletop games lately. Just been to busy with various other things at the moment for gaming. I do want to get in more games of Firestorm Armada though before even more real life in the form of relatives arrive. I am expecting to get out a new Tau army list update for Warpath sometime this week, but will see how the PC treats me.

Third, MMO gaming has been rather slow lately. I logged into Forsaken World after a few days of NO PC to find a few of my scrolls removed because they timed out while I couldn't log in. That didn't make me overly happy. Have yet to even get a mount in that game, which is rather annoying. Been playing Rift since I still have some time left on my subscription. That is still the same basic game, but now with cross shard looking for group finder. It's still nicely done and well polished, but I just don't see myself playing for long. I want a game with a bit more life to it, and not another WoW clone.

Fourth, I got the Kill Team game for the PS3. If you liked the Gauntlet series, you will love the Kill team game. It is a straight up brawl with just enough story to hold everything together. Overall a decent purchase for only $10.

That is more or less my update for the time being. Not much to report, but wanted to get some news out for those that care.
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