Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yet another Tau Warpath army list update

I have finally gotten around to getting another update to the unofficial Tau army list. There have been some major changes involved. Unfortunately I lost my original master copy during the recent PC problems I have been dealing with, so there is still some format changes I have to do, but the list itself is ready for further play-testing. As always, you can find the updated list here ready for download.

  • New names for most units. Will find things a bit more buggy, but easier to pronounce!

  • Stealth suits have reappeared as the mysterious Hornets. They don't have the stabilizers of their bigger brothers, but are fast and come with slightly weaker Burst Cannon weapons built in.

  • The Hive Captain and Dragonfly suits have a clearer definition of usable BFGs and limits.

  • The Spirit Guide has learned how to zap enemies with his mind.

  • Orbweaver's primary turret now has a hardspot associated with it. It can now actually fire it's weapon legally.

  • Some unit points have been adjusted due to new or changed abilities.

Once again, thoughts always welcome.
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