Friday, August 26, 2011

Warhammer Quest, another game of death

My wife has been hounding me to play a game of Warhammer Quest for a couple weeks now, so I figured last night we'd go ahead and give that a shot.

My wife set (almost) everything up while I was putzing around, and so we started our first game in a T-junction with the Barbarian, Elven Ranger Mage, Wizard, and Dwarf. First turn my wife rolls a 1 on the power die and a minotaur pops out of the shadows. With our setup, the Elven Ranger and the Bard couldn't help (Couldn't get the 6 I needed to cast Shockwave), and both the Dwarf and Wizard failed to hit. The minotaur then proceeded to beat the Wizard into the ground. We decided things weren't looking good for that dungeon already since we weren't even out of the first room and lost one of our team members so far.

Rebooting the game, we got another dungeon going. The same team of warriors delving back into the depths to save their souls from the Magic Fountain. We actually got pretty far into the game, but yet again the dice gods laughed at us at the worst of times. First the Dwarf dies to another Minotaur, which hurt our killing potential a lot, then a couple rooms down a pack of Giant Rats chew through the Wizards face, leaving only my Barbarian and Elven Ranger Mage standing. I didn't really want to play alone, and we still had the Objective room ahead of us which is hard for even four characters.

We called it at that point, and decided that our souls were doomed. We looked at the Dungeon deck and found out we were only two rooms away from the objective room (although one of those rooms was a dungeon chamber). That was rather annoying, and yet par for the course for my wife and my WHQ games. My wife did roll a ton of 1's again, but the second game we seemed to be able to handle things better... for a while.

Maybe later on we'll finally get to the end and win a dungeon (one can only hope).
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