Saturday, August 27, 2011

MMORPG pet peeve

I am fairly easy going when it comes to MMOs, as I have said many times in the past, I usually play fairly casually. One thing gets on my nerves something fierce though, and honestly I think it is because I am still of an old mind set.

Back in UO, you didn't just invite any Tom, Dick, or Harry into your guild. You learned about them, partied with them, somewhat knew them. Things that immediately turn me off of any Linkshell/Guild/Corporation/whatever is when their members blind invite me to their guild. You don't know me, and I don't know you. I'm sure not going to join some random group of people just for the giggles.

This is two fold, as I don't like being blind invited first of all, but if you don't even have the ability to come up with a good guild name in the first place, fitting of the setting in which you are in, and still blind invite me.. Well I am going to laugh at you and say things that is best that you don't hear.

I follow some pretty standard rules when it comes to guild invites. I would rather have a small guild of people that get along, rather then a large guild of strangers. As such I always use the same ruleset I used back in UO when recruiting and whatnot.

  • Don't stand around spamming for anyone to join.

  • Don't make the guild seem as though it is a joke.

  • Have the new member get vouched for by a current member before being inducted, which also means the current member had to at least party with the person once (or know them in real life).

  • Be respectful to other guilds in game, you screw other guilds, and you're going to just end up screwing yourself in the end.

Pretty standard rules, but I as I said, I would much rather join a guild that followed these rules, rather then a guild that invites me simply because they happened to pass me and noticed I wasn't already in a guild.
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