Friday, September 2, 2011

How I hate painting

I have been pretty vocal in the past about my dislike for painting minis. I really can not stand it, and it seems that it is a self fulfilling prophesy that every mini I do try and even primer gets boned up in some fashion, making me hate the process even more.

The latest in the long long of why I can't stand wasting time painting is my Firestorm Armada Relthoza fleet. I washed them, since they are resin and went to primer them. Apparently they weren't completely dry so water got stuck under the primer in some key locations. Ok, simple enough, throw them in some Simple Green and things should be good.

Fast forward five days and here I am trying to strip the paint. I have no clue what this primer is, but its resistant to scrubbing on textured surfaces, and came off smoothly on the large flat area. This of course means that to get all the primer knocked off and okay to respray, I will need to take a pick and clean out each area separately. Such a huge waste of time, when I could just glue things together and just play.

If this was just the first time I wouldn't be nearly as irritated with painting, but it seems literally every time I try and paint things blow up in my face. My Lizardmen are still down stairs in a state of half paint and half stripped because the primer just wouldn't let go. Seems like some kind of latex skin rather then primer. Even my menoth force is largely unpainted  because I simple can't sit long enough to paint without my back hurting anymore..

As I said before, I love wargaming, but painting I can't stand. It doesn't change how I or my enemy will play. Honestly, if more companies came out with prepainted minis like AT-43 and whatnot, I would probably play them more often. In a way I miss AT-43 since I could literally just put the minis on the table and start playing, it is a really pity AT-43 is gone for good.

The saddest part of my hate for painting is the fact I do want my armies painted, but no way in the depths of the seven hells will I pay some of the outlandish commission prices some people want. The painting thing is one of the biggest parts of the hobby that is actually driving me AWAY from the hobby the older I get.
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