Friday, September 2, 2011

Fairly boring day

Not much in the way of gaming done today. Played in FFXIV a bit earlier today, but for the most part I've been running around most of the day, or just spending time with the family. Of course some of you also might have seen my rage post on painting earlier today.

I am getting behind on hobbies with this house lately, even my RC heli's haven't been touched in a while, and I am missing out on some good flying weather.

A part of me wants to make a new Tau or Eldar army, but the idea of another army, for another system is just driving me bonkers. With Firestorm Armada, Warmachine, and Kings of War all still ready to go, introducing yet another battle game might just get to much. Have to keep spending some what orderly. Even my personal painting challenge failed something terrible, I just lack motivation when it comes to things like that. I might still get a Forgeworld Tau force built to represent a Firestorm Dindrenzi fleet since it should be less then $100, and the Tau are more or less using same gear as the Dindrenzi uses (rail guns). Still up in the air however until I get more Firestorm games in.

As for MMOs, I have actually been having some good fun in FFXIV shockingly. I hate the crafting, but that is because I hate crafting in general in MMOs. the crafting in FFXIV though is something I like to term 'hyper realistic', because it literally makes you make every single piece you would need for the gear you are trying to make. For example to make a chest piece you would need to first make the front side with all the buttons, buckles, cloth, whatever else is needed, then you also have to make the backside with whatever materials is needed there, AND then you do another craft to merge the two sides together. Weapons are no different as you will still need a spear head, a shaft for the spear head, and a butt for the shaft. That's crafting in a small nutshell.

The class system is stupidly deep, take the subjob idea fom FFXI and multiple it by ten for FFXIV. Instead of having a WAR/DRG you instead have a Marauder with some abilities from a Lancer, some from a Gladiator, maybe a bit of Pugilist, and throw in Conj or Therm for some healing. I have yet to really get a lock on with what class is really popular at this moment. At low levels it seems as if Lancer takes that crown, but higher levels seems like I see a lot of Gladiators which is weird since Glads are tanks in FFXIV.

I am patiently waiting for the next patch which is supposed to get rid of personal levels, instead go down to your class rank is your level like most MMOs. Same patch is also supposed to add chocobos, air ships, more instances, and I have no doubts some more stupidly complex crafting I'll have to do in order to make some gil.

I think that's all I have for an update at this time. I am still hoping for an actual game of some type this weekend.
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