Saturday, September 17, 2011

Didn't fully accomplish what I wanted

Well, I made some decent headway this weekend, but didn't get everything I needed done due to some real life things stepping in the way.

As I posted, the Firestorm Armada playmat is done and looks excellent. Wife did a great job doing that. You can see pics for that here in case you missed that post. Went out with the wife and bought a bag of lava rocks, $5 for a few pounds of lava rocks not only lets us have asteroids, but also starts making the yard look a bit nicer, figure I'll buy a couple bags a week to keep working on that second aspect. Anyhow...

Reprimered the Firestorm Armada carriers that got boned up by me primering to early a couple weeks back. Simple green did the trick yet again, and the minis came out looking excellent, just needs to be painted and assembled. of course we forgot about the minis outside and it rained, so those minis are drying off before trying to paint them.

I priced out a Tau Firestorm Armada fleet, and it was pretty cheap, even my wife was rather surprised. it came out to just over ~$100, but even gives me a few extras. Yeah, I am aware that it is more expensive then the official Spartan minis, but that's par for the course when dealing with Games-Workshop in any fashion.

Have my eyes set on the new LM leader, think it will go awesome with Warhammer Quest and Kings of War. Unfortunately for me, doesn't look like my nearest store even carries finecast, so need to start widening my search or order it offline. Either way it still looks excellent. In this regard I do wish LM I had extra LM bits to make my own equivalent leader, but the LM boxes are rather limited in giving JUST what you are supposed to built. It is rather disappointing, especially when looking at the same dour Slann as the only option.

This week in FFXIV my wife and I just putzed along for the most part, still coming to grips with the game. I got my Marauder to 25, Gladiator to 19, Archer got a few levels, ect. Still trying to figure out all the skills I need from each job since I don't have the dedicated subjobs I am used to in FFXI. Not making a whole lot of gil in FFXIV right now, some items are just questionably harder to sell as I am not sure what exactly is worth selling and what isn't at my level.

So was a semi-busy week this week for what I managed to get done. Not all my projects were met, but you can't help real life taking priority. I shouldn't have as much on my plate for next weekend, so will try and get a few more tasks on the list to complete when it gets closer to that time.
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