Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lots of wargaming on the horizon

Lots of stuff happening soon for my wargaming.

Seems my wife has suddenly gotten the urge to not only play, but paint up our Firestorm Armada fleets, so looking forward to that. I am also going to buy a bag or two of lava rocks. use a few for asteroids in game, and the rest for the yard. I got the Warhammer Fantasy Storm of magic spell vortexs to represent gas giants on the tabletop. Firestorm Armada is really coming into it's own cheap and quick.

I am going to try to paint at least one mini this week, and keep that up. It will be slow, but maybe I can deal with one a week. Before I set myself up for failure, trying to do a mini a day on my off days when I can't stand painting and I simply don't have the drive to finish 3-4 minis a week. One a week however I should be able to do, and I need to get back into the painting thing and get my skills back up to par. Might break this up with other hobby things though, like finishing up the Realm of Battle board I bought like three years ago that still only has two panels painted/flocked. I really do need to finish up my Menoth force since I have a few minis painted up already compared to my other games.

GW recently released a new Saurus Old Blood miniature I am going to get to lead my Kings of War Lizardmen force. I like the way it fits in decently with my Temple Guard, and it look like I could swap it into Warhammer Quest easier then Chakax lets me do at the moment. have not played Kings of War for a while, but right now just playing the field, see other genres of games other then Warhammer Fantasy and 40K at the moment. I'll come back to Warhammer/Kings of War in due time, and most likely even 40K/Warpath eventually.

I kinda hinted at it, but I am still wrestling with the thoughts of starting a new Tau force up. Lots of ideas are swarming around my head for conversions I  could and should be able to do. I don't want to go all in though. I have simply too many other games going on right now. With Firestorm Armada taking off, Kings of War and Warmachine sitting on the shelves ready to go at a moments notice, Warhammer Quest easy enough to unbox at a given time.... Just to much. Maybe once we start locking down which games we will eventually stick with for a long term, I'll make a better choice if I'll really start collecting Tau, or simply get a mini here or there for the building aspects. What I might do is simply get the Tau ships from Forgeworld and use those with the Firestorm Armada ruleset. Either way is fine with me.

Like I said, lots of tabletop stuff rolling out soon. I am hoping I remember to actually start taking pics of my games for battle reports. Simply lazy and just want to play.
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