Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Firestorm Armada Tau Fleet

So I think I have made my mind up while I was sleeping, sine my dreams were filled with Tau starships. I am going to go ahead with my plan to make a Tau fleet for Firestorm Armada. This will of course be in addition to my Relthoza Fleet I currently have. The nice thing about Firestorm Armada is the fact I can start up this core army for ~$100 give or take a few and have a working army from the get go, rather then hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a normal standard force, even with Forgeworld's pricing.

Forgeworld seems to make a good number of miniatures to fit the roll of pretty much anything I would need. For the time I plan on using the Dindrenzi rules, since both uses railgun tech on their ships, it is a better and more natural fit.

The Battleship shall be the Tau Custodian. It looks like a good strong center piece respectable of being the center point of the army.

For my basic cruisers I will be using the Tau Castellan escorts. The need to be smaller then the Custodian, but larger then whatever I use for my frigates (which I'll get to next).

The frigates I am aiming to use the Tau Warden Gunships. Not much to say here other then they do they job.

Of course this is just the basic fleet, and subject to change.

Now for the spiffy stuff, I am thinking of using the Tau protector for my Carrier. Looks like docking bays in the front, and still fits in with the theme.

The heavy cruisers, R&D ships, and escorts is where the theme of the Tau force would start splitting off. I have yet to fully lock down which each will be, I'll come back to it as I get some play in under my belt and figure out which seems best for the force in terms of theme and looks.
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