Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Warhammer 40K, Games-Workshop, and Wargamers attacked

So through the Blog-a-sphere I came across an interesting blog from the 122nd Cadian in which he covers a news article that was recently posted in a Greek newspaper. It was like reading the old 'D&D is the devil's game' from back in the day.

Wargamers are attacked as being racist, sexist, antisocial, and worse. I honestly don't understand how the woman who was doing the article managed to get the answers she said she received from those people she interviews without twisting their words or trapping them in some weird questions. Some of the answers is down right horrible to read, and outright insulting to me, especially about the American comment. I have not met a single American which went all Neo-Nazi after playing any wargame. if someone is racist, they are going to be racist, no game is going to change that.

My wife was incredibly insulted since according to the article women couldn't play wargames since they didn't know how to separate themselves from real life in order to play the game, and the fact that she tends to like playing 'evil' races when possible. I haven't seen her get that look of disgust like that towards someones writing in a long time, so it really hit a chord.

This is one of those times I seriously hope the woman behind the article gets fired for such a gross misrepresentation of the wargaming community.
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