Thursday, December 1, 2011

Retribution project log update


Things are going at a decent pace thus far on my Retribution force. I managed to get most of my minis based, and the bases detailed with some a white glue and sand mix. I wasn't sure at first what to expect from that endeavor since I hadn't tried playing with sand before. In the end it did come out looking decent overall, and should look like grout between large tilework.

I unfortunately ran at of greenstuff while making the custom bases, so I still have three halberdiers and Discordia that needs to be based and 'grouted'. Plan is that today I am going to hit up Knightfall Games and get some more greenstuff and some files. I should be able to spend an hour and get those four minis based fairly quickly later this afternoon. Possibly I might even be able to get to primering them since it looks like weather is going to be cold, but not wet today.

Primering in the cold isn't any fun by no means, but it is certainly doable (assuming the primer isn't a complete can of fail which I've unfortunately had in the past). I actually tend to have more problems primering in the heat and high humidity then I do in the cold, so I have a little faith this should go smoothly *knocks on wood*.

Tomorrow I have a few more minis arriving for my 'new' Retribution force list, but the way UPS delivers around my area, the package won't arrive until 6-7PM at the earliest, so I'll have to bust hump to get those minis built and greenstuff bases done so they are at least game ready, if not primer ready, by Saturday.

I plan to get a test paint job up and running early next week.

A imagine a lot of folks might have noticed a lack of pics in this update. They will come, I figured I will post the greenstuff basing creation while I am finishing those up today or tomorrow, and I will show the completed set of minis, as well as my first test paint job. It will come in time.
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