Friday, November 23, 2012

Gundam Fleet is in the Hangar

Well, thanks to the Black Friday sales, got almost all the RSN vehicles for a decent sized fleet.

  • 1x Battleship
  • 1x Carrier
  • 1x Dreadnought
  • 6x Frigates
  • 6x Escorts
  • 3x Heavy Cruisers
  • 4x Cruisers
All for a pretty respectable $166.96. Not a bad haul at all. now they just have to get shipped and arrive here with all their pieces, which sadly enough has been more of an issue this year then I would like to remember. That is the hobby as a whole, which is strange to me in this day of age.

Anyhow, it was slightly more expensive once I added the new V2 rulebook, mine markers (I didn't want to bother painting up the Battlefleet Gothic mines), and my wife's Directorate Dreadnought.
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