Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh Black Friday, I Love You!

I have not done the mad store rush in years on Black Friday. It is just worthless to do now days since the internet is so ubiquitous, but I do get in on the online Black Friday sales whenever possible.

This year I was keeping an eye out for my normal Amazon, TheWarStore, and Miniature Market sales, and thus far (at least for MM) they have not disappointed. I should be able to complete my Gundam Firestorm Armada fleet for well under $200, not counting the Jovian Chronicles minis I still need to get. There is still TheWarStore left to announce their sales, but should just go even further to helping me get my fleet of the ground cheaper than planned. I might come across some Amazon sales that strike my fancy, but we'll see.

For this year, that is really all that is on the radar for purchases at all since I have been buying gifts for the last few months now out of every paycheck. My wife is still less than happy that I have a total of two gifts lined up for this year, but I am okay with that. Not really much I need or want, unless of course I want to start my zombie apoc survival gear collection....

So not a very long blog for today. Hobby times have been pretty quiet around the house with the wife and kids getting sick for a while and the rain going almost non-stop. I am trying to get my daughter into a game of Monsterpocalypse, but she merely moans some type of response than goes back to her Pokemon game.
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