Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lack of wargaming companions

Have not had any real wargaming to speak of. The latest family game night that we had was playing the game Talisman, which while fun lasted too long and eventually we just packed up and sent the kids to bed.

It makes me a sad panda:

I still want to play Firestorm Armada, and plan on building a decent Tau fleet once I figure out which miniature to place where, but at the moment it has been a long while since I got to play. For the most part simply don't have time, as either I am working on the front half of the week, or my wife can't be up long enough to play a decent game following the kids going to bed.

This is one of those times where you wish there were others in the area interested in wargaming and on the same schedule. Would be nice to have a few folks that could bounce around houses and play games as well as increase the tactical challenge of facing multiple enemies and not just the same general over and over. I love the fact that my wife plays my games, don't get me wrong in anyway, but like I said, there is sometimes where her and I simply can't play together due to scheduling or other reasons for not wanting to play.

The problem with wargaming in general is the upfront pricing needed to actually get into the game. The initial burst of cash is a lot and turn a lot of folks away. The funny thing is though that I can spend just as much on one of my RC helicopters as I could building a brand new army. I am sure many other hobbies are the same way.

In the end, I am patient and can wait to play more games later, but I won't say it doesn't annoy me when I can't play more then once or twice every couple months.
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