Sunday, October 23, 2011

WoWs new Xpack

Most folks have heard about WoWs new Xpack they recently announced called Mists of Pandaria. It's not really a shock, and honestly I am more surprised it took them this long to use that bit of lore anyhow. Where I stand some might ask?

Fact of the matter is I haven't cared for WoW since TBC Xpack. Simply the game lacked any soul for me to want to continue playing it. This new Xpack hasn't changed anything.

Before anyone says I just hate WoW I am going to put this out on the table. First I have said many times WoW has been both a blessing and a curse to the genre, but for me personally it never really clicked. I like the more old school style of MMOs. The fact that I consider the last and truly good MMOs to still be the first generation of MMOs, namely Asheron's Call and UO, is a good sign that MMOs in general simply are not that interesting for me.

Now that isn't to say there hasn't good decent MMOs, WoW being one of those, but the simple fact of the matter is that no company has built a game where I felt I could do what I wanted to do in game and be properly rewarded such as AC1/2 and UO did. In fact in FFXIV right now I am getting burned out simply because I have to craft, and I have said many times over I hate crafting.

I hope that this new WoW Xpack is good and brings the game back to its roots a bit more, but honestly my care-o-meter didn't budge when I heard about it. WoW is getting so aged now that I simply find it more sad that it's still the best thing the current generation of MMOs have been able to put out. I have already said that both GW2 and SWtOR aren't my cup of tea, and I have huge doubts that they are going to change the genre as much as the fanboys would like everyone to believe.
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