Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Thanksgiving update

Well I survived the Thanksgiving weekend intact, for the most part anyhow.

In FFXIV I did manage to get my Marauder to 50, and my Gladiator to 25 during the few days off. Right now I am having some terrible problems actually hitting mobs with the Glad, not sure why, but we'll see if it gets better over time. Not much else to report there.

Got to fly my MCPX heli out doors on Friday since the weather was great all day. Felt good to get out of the house for a bit and get some fresh air. That little heli flies amazingly well, and feels so much easier to fly then the CX2 for some reason. I think it is the fact that it can actually handle a breeze, where as the CX2 simply can't.

I got some more things ordered from various online Black Friday sales, as well as finished off my new Retribution force I wrote about last week, my wife's Skorne, and a copy of Super Dungeon Explore. Even with only a few items from MiniatureMarket actually affected by their Black Friday prices, it was still cheaper then TheWarStores 5% off entire order special by ~$20. Also bought a 4'x4' Zuzzy mat, since they seem to have decent enough reviews for their price. I'll post more about that once it arrives and I get to see the mat hands on.

The biggest thing was of course my Retribution Warmachine force. I decided I didn't like the greenstuff bases I did before. They didn't look uniform, didn't look how I envisioned them, and simply didn't make me happy about the results. As such I decided to redo the basing, which was actually much easier then I was expecting. When I originally put the minis together, I put the greenstuff directly on the bases and then used super glue to mount the minis to the greenstuff. A suggestion off the Warseer forums said to freeze over night and they should pop right off, and pop right off the minis sure did.

Once I got everything cleaned up I decided to go with something that would be far more uniform and fit more terrain types. I used my frilled dragon's corner litter scoop in this creation. The reasoning behind this was simple. the patterned squares would be give a uniform look for all my minis, and one that was fast and easy to replicate. I was able to rebase my minis in a third of the time it took me when I first based everything.

So far I am much happier with these results. Unfortunately my wife had the camera, so I will get pictures of the steps I used to base the minis once my new order of minis arrives from MiniatureMarket.
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