Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zuzzy Terra-Flex Mats

I have been looking for an easy to transport way to be able to play WarmaHordes in the park and whatnot and I came across theses Zuzzy Terra-Flex Mats. They certainly look interesting right out of the gate, but I'm curious just how good they are.

My wife says she can make a 'quiver' for it to carry it around no problem, so that's no trouble at all. That woman is great with sewing crafts.

Our biggest concern is how durable the mats are, especially against heat. I couldn't find anything listed on the website referring to any particular heat limit, but then again you don't see GW saying not to have Finecast minis out in a warm Las Vegas sunny day either. Does anyone have any experience with these mats and know if they can actually handle being out in the Summer sun for a few hours for games, or would the rubber melt/distort?

I would love to have an easy to transport 4x4 playing field so the family can walk to the park in the Spring and Summer and play a few games, but won't spend $50+ for something that won't make it past the first year.
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