Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The holiday weekend

Well, the holiday weekend is quickly approaching for me, only a few more hours in fact and then I'm off for three days. Unfortunately those three days I'll be on my own as my family goes out of town for a family reunion, so I'll be staying home to watch the animals/house.

I honestly don't know what I have planned for this weekend. If this rain doesn't let up, I won't be able to primer any minis since it's simply to cold and humid. Will just have to watch for an opportunity if one pops up. My RC helis of course aren't the best thing to fly out in the rain either, so that's out of the question. Looks like it'll be some TV, FFXIV, Netflix, and playing with the new Logitech Revue I received just today.

There are some Black Friday web sales I am keeping my eyes on, namely Amazon, TheWarstore, and MiniatureMarket. I want to fill out my wife's Skorne army while the minis will be cheap, get a copy of Super Dungeon Explore if possible, maybe change up my Retribution a bit, and of course grab a few more Xmas gifts for my kids. Shouldn't take to grossly long I imagine, since I have most of the stuff I need already in wish lists and whatnot.

In FFXIV I want to get my Marauder to 50 if possible, he's 44.5 right now, so I think I should be able to do it since I'll have nothing else to do for this weekend really. Once the MAR reaches 50 I will probably level Archer or Lancer, haven't really decided. Nothing else really planned though for that game.

That's about all that's really on my immediate radar.

So with that said, everyone who happens to read this blog; have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.
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