Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - Painting update

So I figured it was time for a painting status update. Unfortunately there is no pictures in this update, nothing new is really 'done' at the moment. You are aware that the Coyote and the Cataphract are both more or less completed (Still need to put varnish on both).

At the moment I am currently working on my Strike Squad, trying a new tactic I haven't really tried before. I am painting the unit as a whole doing specific layers together. It is coming together nicely, as I only have a few more layers to do then that unit is ready to go. I am still not sold on painting everything in units however, as it ends up absolutely killing my back after a while which leads me to taking breaks for my own health. Will see what the final paint job looks like across the units to make the final call if it was worth it or not.

After my Strike Squad is painted I plan on moving to my Fire Support Squad next. I believe this squad will take a bit of time simply due to the fact that it has a wider range of minis, and I plan on painting the Warriors together, then the Crusaders after that. This squad is also one in which I got far more swap-able figures for, extra Warriors and Crusaders for one reason or another. This will mean the unit just will naturally take longer.

Depending on how I am feeling though, I might skip the Fire Support group for the time being and focus on my Infantry squads. I have painted 15mm minis in the past with Warmaster, so know that these do tend to go fairly fast since they are small and you can drown out details far faster then larger minis. This might be the better option simply because they will all be uniform and I will not need to break the units down between Infantry types.

On order I have a box of HGB planes, which I do not know exactly when they'll show up, but they'll arrive whenever they arrive I figure. My wife is also waiting for her Northern Infantry on ATVs we ordered a bit back. We may need to redesign her force using a higher PL then currently aiming at. Of course this means that she won't get any more minis other then a couple drones, but her current units would be buffed up even further. Also means I may need to get some drones on order to find good proxies.

So that is that really. Painting is coming along, and the force is starting to flesh itself out now. I should be able to get pics up this week of the Strike Squad I hope.
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