Friday, March 16, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - PRDF Cataphract painted

Today I set down and got the Cataphract for my force knocked out. it came out decent looking, but honestly the thing that tied the whole miniature together was how good the base came out looking. I was really impressed with it.

Once again, this mini is to play with, not to win any painting points with judges, so don't expect a masterwork here, just like with the Coyote I posted before. I tried this time to put far more heavy focus on direction of incoming lighting, so shading is rather limited to the front end of the vehicle as you will notice little in the other pics.

 When I first started painting the Cataphract I wasn't really thinking that there would be so much exposed metal on the back of the vehicle, and honestly don't know if there is supposed to be or not, but figured it would make sense with all the venting, engines, and whatnot that it wouldn't be overly fancy. Those machines on the back are as much about business as the gun and sword.
 The shield design came out looking decent, and even though I had two options to choose from for my Cataphract, I think I went with the right one in this case. It is simple and yet effective and linking itself in with the overall theme of the PRDF force.

I put in the Coyote for a scale idea of how big the Cataphract is compared to it. The Coyote is about two inches long, so the Cataphract is one huge walker on the battlefield.

Overall the Cataphract stands just slightly taller then my wife's Dark Naga, and a whole lot more bulky.
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