Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Skirmish - Warhammer Quest

My family enjoys playing Warhammer Quest a decent amount, but none of them has really had the chance to use the roleplay book that comes with the core game. That is, up until last night they hadn't. This isn't much of a battle report, given that the most battle that happened was my wife's Barbarian killing a runaway bull in a single strike and my Elven Range Mage fighting a duel. It is a start however, and should lead into great things.

In our last dungeon, we actually managed to survive the dungeon and decided to make our way towards the nearest town. We quit at that point since it was late, but last night we picked up that game from the town. First visit to the city had most of us laughing at our horrible luck.

The Dwarf on the first day managed to buy the stonebread from the Dwarf Quarter successfully, but was kicked out of the city (still had to pay living expenses though every day though). My kid wasn't exactly pleased she had to continue to pay living expenses while just sitting there, but the die rolls just wasn't on her side.

The Wizard had a fairly good run in town over the course of three days, getting bandages, six potions from the Wizards Guild, and a mule and cart from the Animal Trader, plus an additional starting Wound. Eventually the Wizard had to flee under the threat of marriage. You could tell it was a hard choice for my kid since was stuff left to do in town, but  she wasn't fond of marriage.

The Barbarian got a Halberd,a once per dungeon special pig fat dodge ability from the Tavern, a load of provisions for the next dungeon, and killed a runaway prize bull. Lots of gold spent, but nothing really terrible happened to her on this trip.

The Elven Ranger Mage just wasn't fated to have a good time in town. Got a few provisions for the next dungeon, met the Elven nobles in the Elf Quarter who took 400 gold from me, but in return gave me an additional starting wound. I also was given a vision  of a treasure at the end of the next dungeon that was worth 5D6x100 gold... I rolled 1,1,1,2,4... The Elven Ranger Mage also had a duel to fight, that came back as a draw (I did get food and stay paid for that day though, so no living expenses yay!).

At the end of the night the family all had reasons to throw up their hands and say we were done in town and strike out on our own to the next dungeon. My youngest kid actually exclaimed "Finally, we can set the board up!" By this time it was getting late however, so we decided not to worry about the dungeon for the time being, that's for next week. That made both kids sigh, but agreeable under the ice cream they got to have before bed time.
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