Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Format

I have already rolled out some of my new format, but wanted to give off the full reason and ideas for everything.

My blog is rather random in how often I post, and I do want to work on that a bit to make it at least a little more consistent for the reader. As part of this transformation I am going to make some themed days in order to have, I hope, a pretty constant posting schedule.

The themed days I have thus far are:
  • Monday Skirmish -This day is dedicated to battle reports or just simply results from my most recent games or outings. Depending on the weather and real life, this might get missed as we might not have a game to report.
  • Reaction Tuesday - I want to take one day to report out on newly released news and miniatures in the tabletop arena. This is a great time for tabletop players, as there are some stunning miniatures being produced, as well as news from multiple companies. I want to take a day to report out on one or more of those pieces of news and miniatures.
  • Thursday Query - I want to start getting more reader involvement that could come in as a good repository of knowledge. I'll ask random questions, be it about painting, modelling, gaming, anything really. Would like to see where the readers stand on those topics.
  • Friday Showcase - I might not be a great painter, but every now and then I manage to get something I consider to be a particular success. Even if I don't have anything personal to show, there are some beautifully painted miniatures out there that need to be seen to be believed.

Now you may notice that I didn't list a Wednesday theme. Honestly, I am not sure what to do that day. I might just make that a game review day or just leave it as an open day unless I can come up with something I can do semi-regularly.

Feel free to throw out some ideas.
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