Sunday, October 21, 2012

The sun has left Oregon

That time of year again.
 Last week Summer officially ended in Oregon. Clouds moved in and it has rained almost everyday thus far. Unfortunately the rain has killed most of my plans as of late, and really putting a damper (see what I did there?) on things.

Most importantly I have the primer for my kings of War Elves or the HGB Scouts and Redbull,  but learned many years ago that primer and Oregon's wet season don't mix, so I just have to wait for it to be a bit drier. You might think that is the biggest issue, but actually it is far from it. Recently I have found myself thinking about making a Kingdoms of Man KoW force, and my little form of gamer ADHD my mind goes to how I can make that possible. you can get some pretty good minis for a human army from various ranges, and make a pretty amazing force. Perry Miniatures for the core troops, Helldorado to supply good leader minis. It can be done rather easily, and it is all very tempting.

Would be a pretty amazing mage.
I also have to figure out if it would be cheaper for me to try and get a few non-based GW Lizardmen to use for Dwarf kings Hold, buy new from eBay or something, or give up that ghost and focus on what I have already.
Still have the non-Finecast version.

On top of that, there is also my T-rex 500 I finally got rebuilt, but now I find that my DX7 controller isn't holding a charge. So I need to replace the battery pack in that, and hope I get a decent day to get the bird back in the air before weather gets too bad.

And I haven't even touched on the holiday season yet. Next month I believe Sedition Wars should get here, I figure I will treat that as my gift to myself since I honestly have no clue what else I would give myself or want from anyone else.

Lots of things on my plate for the next few months. Lets see if the weather works for me and I actually manage to get  half of it done.
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