Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Firestorm Armada - Banshee Dreadnought Review

The last of my Captain ships, and most likely to take the name Archangel from Gundam Seed just for it's looks alone. This build review is on the RSN Banshee Dreadnought for Firestorm Armada.

This was probably the most expansive build I have seen for Firestorm Armada when you compare it to the other ships. My wife's Directorate dreadnought for instance only had three cannons to glue on and it was ready for battle. As you can see from the below pics, the Banshee has just a few more bits then three cannons.

The parts within the particular kit I got were very well done and needed very little cleaning before it was ready to go. I did have to sand one of the front 'fangs' a bit, as it was at a weird angle that looked odd when compared to the other fang. Turned out pretty decent though once it was set in place and the gap filled in a bit. Outside of that one issue I only ran into one little problem with the build which I wasn't really sure about.

On the underside of the Banshee there is a third, and smaller, fang that looks to be mounted under the mass driver. The bottom looks fine, but when you look at it from the top you notice that there is no details on the topside of that fang. It just looked odd and I had to do a Google check just to make sure I wasn't messing up somewhere.

The ship looked good once together, and there wasn't even a need to sand the flight rods as I had to do with the Spectre and Argus ships. That was a real bonus.

I will say however that the Banshee really doesn't scream dreadnought when compared to the directorate dreadnought at least. I would have gotten a pic comparing the two, but wife was still working on her's at the time. Even stranger is when you compare the three RSN Capital ship next to each other, the Banshee looks far more like a battleship then the Spectre looks like a battleship. Those two are nearly the same size even.

Albion, Archangel, and the Argama together
Still lacking the 'Gundams' for the Gundam theme, but it is coming along with the core main ships built now. just have the Cruisers, Escorts, and Frigates left to build.

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