Monday, December 3, 2012

Firestorm Armada - Spectr Battleship Review

As I said in an earlier blog post, I recently got a hold of the rest of my fleet. I'll do various reviews on the building to the minis as I go. I already did the Carrier a few posts ago as some folks might have seen, so these others should be along the same lines. Of course the pictures are incredibly grainy because the camera seems to get worse each time I have to turn it on any more. I try to get the point across though for the pictures that do come through.

This build review will be about the RSN Spectr Battleship. Again, it was a pretty simply build with not to many parts in the blister over all. Didn't notice any outright bubbling as I did with the carrier so that was a good point, but the flak on the pewter was a bit worse as I will go over later on.

Cleaning the Spectr was actually extremely easy since I only had a few bits of pewter to clean and the resin was more or less go to go right out of the box. I did make a mistake and tear into my thumb cleaning off a thicker chunk of pewter that obviously came from the mold. Of course I probably shouldn't have been cutting towards my thumb, but either way, thick bit of pewter to watch out for.

It's a trap!
Probably the hardest part of the build was the sanding of the flight stands for the battleship. The mounting holes on the underside of the ship seemed to be narrower than the flight rods were placed in the flight base, as well as to small for the rods to fit into properly. Got it to work after some sanding, but you can still see one of the rods slightly bending due to the misalignment of the holes to the rods. Not game breaking, and not really noticeable unless you are aware of it, but something to keep an eye out for. If you look at the photo below you will also notice how far front it stick out of the base. Makes the Spectr look rather odd when placed side by side with it's other RSN large class ships.

In the end, the Battleship came out rather decent looking and I can't really complain about it. Looks rather small when compared to my Relthoza battleship and my wife's Directorate battleship, but not much can really be done about that now.
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