Sunday, January 27, 2013

Protectorate of Menoth Kings of War Force

An idea occurred to me while talking with my wife the other day about our Warmachine minis we can't seem to sell. Would it be possible to use one of our forces as a Kings of War force. Of course the obvious one that hopped out to me was my Reznik themed list.

It would be pretty simply to transfer over, with a few 'Counts As' minis to keep the price down until I'm fully invested. Now granted, this isn't the fully potential list, but merely what I thought of with what I have at hand. I could easily fluff out the list further if I was really wanting to.
  • Reznik would obviously be my General
  • Hierophant would be the Priest
  • Vassal of Menoth would be my Mage
  • Deliverer Sunburst to be my  Rocket Artillery option
  • Melee based warjacks would count as Ogres
  • Warjacks with ranged weapons would obviously be Ogre with Ranged Weapons (Shock and awe I know)
  • Temple Flameguard would count as a Spear Phalanx
  • Flameguard Cleansers would count as Missile Regiment with Arquebuses
  • Holy Zealots as Penitents
  • The last unit is one I will admit I am going to do out of laziness partly, and just because I think it would look good... Exemplar Cinerators as Knights. I know they aren't mounted, but they should still be a pretty impressive set when standing together rushing up the field.

The good thing about this is the I actually have most of these minis already, which means it will not cost me nearly as much to fill out the force. now of course the wracks won't be in the force... but with the change to this type of army list I can now use them as terrain pieces, so they are still useful.

I was actually shocked at how easy it was to make a Kingdoms of Man force with the Menoth group. I certainly expected it to be easy enough, but everything just fell in place, and the image I got in my mind was no longer that of a little skirmish force, but Reznik going on a full on Crusade. It really didn't lose much of it's flavor outside the fact the warjacks are now marching together as a unit.

This is just an idea however, since I don't have time at the moment to work on minis with a potential move in the future and all the work that is required on that front. It certainly is an idea for the future though once I am done with all my current projects and activities.
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