Sunday, June 26, 2011

Personal Painting Challenge - Miniature a Day

I have set forth a new challenge to myself. A challenge I am not sure if I will be able to do for various reasons.

As many people know, I hate painting miniatures. It simply is not part of the hobby I enjoy, but I am also to cheap to want to commission someone to paint them for me anymore. So I have decided that, starting with my Menoth miniatures, I will paint a miniature a day as a challenge to myself. While I hate painting, I also hate not having a nice looking force on the tabletop to fight with.

So here are the rules of my person challenge:

  • The miniature must be painted by me.
  • The days that count for the challenge will be my weekends, thus 3-4 days a week.
  • A miniature does not need to be Varnished, but the main paint scheme has to be in place.
  • The color scheme must contain at least 3 primary colors. This means no dipping miniatures and calling it good. 

As you can see, the rules aren't exactly rocket science. It will still be a pressure on me to actually paint a miniature when I'm bored, rather then putz around on the PC or Netflix.

In order for this challenge to work, I of course will need to make sure I have all the paints I need, but that should be a simple trip to the local hobby store. I will be starting this challenge later on this week, and will continue trying to push out miniatures until I burn out or finish the force. I will post another blog when I get to that point to report how I did and get some photos up.
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