Sunday, July 24, 2011

Warpath - Updated Tau Army List

I recently got done making some updates to the Tau army list for Mantic's Warpath game. You can find the update here.

The changes in this edition were:
  • Fire Warriors and pathfinders were given Piercing [1]. These warriors should have a bit more bite now while shooting down their foes.
  • Went ahead and lowered the attacks and nerves on the sniper drone group.
  • I went ahead and made the firearcs for all hover vehicles (where applicable) [LF] (Left and Front) and [RF] (Right and Front).
  • I went ahead and changed up the drones as well. I gave particular units Drone controllers, which will allow them to ignore some wounds from ranged attacks. Found it easier this way, rather then trying to describe 3-4 various drone type each person could purchase.
  • I made a change to the Crisis suits, instead I went with the simpler Stealth Suit variant where each is armed with burst cannons (Which both models can come equipped with so people can use their preferred choice of minis for these), and gave them the ability to have a Drone Controller. I also increased their speed, more then doubling it. They should be faster at bounding around the field with a bit more protection against shooting now.
As always, feel free to comment here, or my thread on Warseer that you can find here.
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