Saturday, July 23, 2011

The woes of being a main healer

I'm still putzing around in Forsaken World, leveling a Priest at the moment. Since I started playing healers in WAR, people have said I was good at it. I can make choices on the fly and keep the people up that needs to be up.

Anyhow, today just isn't my day for dungeon runs.

First dungeon run of the day the Assassin of the group ran out and aggro'd the entire first room, which of course we wiped. The repeated this performance only minutes later, at which point I gave up on the group and left with a couple other people. Just not worth the effort if simple trash is wiping us because of the single person.

Second dungeon run didn't go much better. We got to the second boss, named Yuri. Normally the group falls down a hole right on top of the boss and fights, but not this time. One of the Vampires of the group decided to go down the cliff, which of course had them aggro 3-4 mobs around that area. Once the Vampire was killed, those same mobs came running towards us, already down major DPS fighting Yuri. Of course this lead to another wipe, with me being the first to die since I had all the healing aggro, and the others were busy with Yuri. Group of course fell apart at this moment, like a lot of PuGs do on a wipe.

Third times a charm right? not for me, in fact, this run ended with me putting someone on ignore who was annoying me. First time we get into a fight, lots of mobs, but I have everything under control (but running low on mana, and food buffs wearing off), when I notice Yuri suddenly come up the hill. Of course someone would aggro him in the middle of the fight. of course I am healing my rear off, keeping everyone up, and the tank starts spouting off about how I need to heal (mind you I said I was low on mana and food buffs were gone by this point). Afterwards he goes off about how he had to use potions for some of the close calls (ZOMG, a tank actually had to use a health potion!?), and I really wanted to tell him I'll just got DPS and see how long he stays up for with his potions next time, but I kept my tongue. At this point we needed some priests mobs for a quest a few of us had, but of course something that simple couldn't possibly happen...

There is a shortcut in this particular instance, that takes you straight to the final boss. A couple things to know though is that first; when you kill the final boss a 5 minute timer starts before dungeon closes, and second; the way you have to get down to him requires you to put away your pets or it'll aggro the boss.

Apparently no one else in the group understood this but me, and continued to ignore me telling them otherwise. One of the party members was out of sight on the other side of the building, and the group was buffless since we were about to do that right before the pet aggro'd. once again we're getting pounded, everyone taking tons of damage from the exploding bugs the boss puts out. I almost came close to eating dirt as well. I was popping potions as quick as I could, and throwing out the single heal I had as fast as it would cool down, of course trying to get everyone's health up to safe levels. Eventually I had to make the choice. The boss was low on health. The tank was taking obscene damage. I thought it was possible for us to finish the fight without the tank as long as everyone else survived, so I healed the assassin who only had a sliver of health instead of the tank. Of course the tank died but the rest of us managed to survive and kill the boss just as the tank died, and then the real fun began.

Tank started sending tells asking why i didn't heal him, and I told him up front that if everyone else was dead, we would have all died anyways, and his death was an acceptable loss in order to kill the boss first go. Apparently that got under his skin because now he started calling me and ass and various other unimaginative words. I put him on ignore quickly because I had other more pressing things. the surviving group members kept saying there was no 5 minute cooldown, and sat around doing nothing waiting for the tank, while I tried to pressure them to start killing *SOMETHING*, but they didn't. Eventually the instance closed, shockingly enough, 5 minutes after we killed the final boss, and not a single priest mob got killed.

Now, I have played a tank class in almost every MMO I have played from UO on, and even have a Protector in Forsaken World that I have been leveling along with my priest. I understand the in's and out's of playing one really well, and not everyone is cut out to be one. It simply isn't about watching your own health, or keeping aggro on your. You need to learn how to mitigate damage, watch your entire parties health, and watch patrols/adds as a small list of other tasks. if it was simply an issue with me being off my game, I wouldn't have minded the tank's outburst's, but the fact my pet turtle has 3K more health then the tank did, and survived just as well against trash hints to me the tank had no clue what he was doing and didn't have the gear to do the job.

you want to tank. That's great and I salute you. Do the job right though, or don't do it at all. There might be someone else who is better tank for that instance, let them. Watch your parties health and try to position mobs where the party doesn't take so much damage. Try to catch adds before they even have a chance to disrupt your support. Accept that you will almost always be the first to die, and sometimes the healer does have to make hard choices to get the overall goal done.

Tanking is a hard job, and I will gladly heal any tank willing to accept. you come into my party half-ass and you'll instantly lose that respect.
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